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The University of MN Extension Center for Youth Development presents the Northwest Youth Work Regional Forum in Moorhead, MN – April 26, 2017
This Regional Forum is designed to bring the current research, trends and knowledge about youth development to youth workers and communities throughout Northwestern MN.This Forum includes:
• Keynote session by Jennifer Skuza on Global Youth Citizenship
• 2 breakout workshop sessions
• Networking


Breakouts – Session 1

  • Youth Don’t Need to Live Abroad to Be Global Citizens
  • Ready, Set, Reflect
  • Connecting Children’s Literature and STEM
  • Developing Social and Emotional Skills in Youth

Breakouts – Session 2

  • Can You Hear Me Now? Building Communication Skills with Youth
  • Finding Your Direction – Growing & Keeping Volunteers
  • Youth Engagement: Authentically Engaging Youth in Community Development
  • Experiential Learning, It Works!

Optional IGNITE Afterschool Workshop; SEL Luncheon

Cost: $15 per person but FREE to the first 100 registrants with the code IGNITE

REGISTER: NW Youth Work Regional Forum by Wednesday April 19, 2017

Introduction to Motivational Interviewing

  • Duluth, MN
  • Thursday, April 20, 2017
  • 9 AM- Noon CDT
  • FREE for YIPA members, $60 for non-YIPA members

Motivational Interviewing is a proven strategy that can help you guide a young person to change their behaviors. Using active listening skills, it is a person-centered, evidence-based conversation style that supports change in a manner that honors an individual’s own values, preferences, and resources. Using this strategy will help you to foster the intrinsic motivation of youth to address behaviors that are interfering with their well-being and future success.

Conversations About White Privilege and Myths That Support Racism

  • Brainerd, MN
  • Friday July 14, 2017
  • 9:00 AM-  2:30 PM CDT
    • 9:00 AM- 11:00 AM – New Conversations About White Privilege
    • 11:00 AM- Noon – Lunch
    • Noon- 2:30 PM – Five Myths That Support Racism
  • FREE for YIPA members, $90 for non-YIPA members

The morning session will use Dr. McIntosh’s New Conversations about White Privilege as a starting point. The session will help you gain a fuller understanding of the concept of systemic thinking and racism. The training offers both small and large group activities that will help you to process the information in a meaningful way.

In the afternoon, we will use Dr. McIntosh’s Uncovering Five Myths That Support Racism to begin examining the impact of these myths on people of color/indigenous people and white people. Using small and large group activities, participants will begin to recognize everyday experiences related to the five myths and explore the ways in which they can use their “bank accounts” of privilege to counter the impact of these myths.

Strategies for Building Assets, Resiliency and Reconnection

  •  Marshall, MN
  •  Agenda
    • 10:00 AM- 10:30 AM Registration
    • 10:30 AM- 11:30 AM Resource Share
    • 11:30 AM- Noon Lunch
    • Noon- 2:00 PM Training
  • FREE for YIPA members, $40 for non-YIPA members

Learn to help youth discover their strengths and how to use them as tools for problem-solving, changing behaviors, and achieving their goals. This training will also provide you with a better understanding of the similarities and differences between several research-based practices and curricula that have proven successful in prevention and intervention for problem behaviors. As we explore strategies for connecting youth with growth opportunities, you will deepen your understanding of resiliency.

The Conflict Resolution Center is offering the following:

Webinar – The Nitty Gritty of Statute 494: Community Mediation’s Governing Principles
Date: April 21
Time: 12:00 – 1:00 pm
Location: Online, Free

Minnesota Statute 494 governs the actions of community dispute resolution programs in Minnesota. As a community mediation volunteer, knowing the content of this specific statute can be helpful in navigating tough decision like when to terminate a mediation session, or how to answer parties’ questions about community mediation. Statute 494 might seem dense, but we are here to help you become familiar with the law’s requirements and learn more about the “nuts and bolts” that keep community mediation running smoothly in Minnesota.

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