Competency is Key

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The success of any youth program depends on the knowledge, skills, and confidence of each youth worker, volunteer and program leader. To become truly competent takes an ongoing commitment to professional development.

The best approach to ongoing professional development relies on two strategies:

  1. New learning that is relevant to the job and stretches you.
  2. Refreshment on the basics to stay sharp and avoid burnout.

Unfortunately, many programs face real constraints of time, budget, and high staff turnover.  Add to that the challenge of having staff and volunteers all starting with different levels of education and experience. Filling the professional development needs of the entire team could seem daunting.

That’s why YIPA provides a mission-driven solution that is affordable, accessible and practical.

A Competency Framework for Professional Development in Youth Work

The eight competency focus areas were chosen by a grass-roots task force of YIPA member organizations, representing diverse youth work programs. This ensures the training is broad-based as well as real-world.

All of the trainings offered in the MyYouthPro framework

  • Build on the eight competency focus areas of youth work excellence.
  • Support evidence-based or promising practices.
  • Include relevant tools you can use immediately.
  • Are designed to complement a variety of youth program assessment tools that measure the quality of programming.
  • Allow you to hand-pick topics relevant to your program needs and individual staff improvement plans.
  • Are flexible so you can consume training that fits your schedule.

Whether you’re new to the field of youth work or a seasoned pro, MyYouthPro will help get you in gear and keep you going:

How it Works

All of the online and in-person trainings are FREE to YIPA Members.

Learn how to become a member here.

YIPA Members receive a discount on all YIC training purchases.

Learn more about YIC – Youth Intervention Certification.

With a YIPA membership, your entire agency – ALL of your youth workers, ALL of your volunteers and ALL of your staff – have unlimited access to all of the free training topics available in MyYouthPro. You have complete flexibility for when, where and how you take your training:

  • Each staff member can consume trainings that fit their particular needs and interests at a time that is convenient for them.
  • You can have staff view a training topic on their own and then bring the team together and reinforce the learning as a group.
  • You can view trainings as a team at a time that best fits your organization’s schedule. The training can even be paused to provide an appropriate time for staff discussion as it relates to your program.
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All of YIPA’s online trainings can be viewed on a mobile device. It’s simple to do: Just download the free Adobe Connect app on your mobile device.