What is Youth Intervention?

Youth who are struggling with delinquency, mental health, social, academic, relational or other issues are at risk for lifelong problematic behaviors. Youth Intervention helps young people become productive adults and contributing members of society versus consumers of public services.

Intervention strategies are as diverse as the youth themselves. But all Youth Intervention programs keep youth in their schools, communities and out of the costly juvenile justice system. At the core of every Youth Intervention program is the ability for a caring adult to build a meaningful relationship with a young person. We all win when youth know someone cares.

Brian Hissong BBBS

Photo courtesy of YIPA member Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Examples of Youth Intervention Programs and Strategies:

Truancy Intervention, Shoplifting Prevention/Intervention, Curfew Violation, Sexual Perpetrator Counseling, Vandalism Prevention/Intervention, Fire Awareness, Drug/Alcohol Prevention/Intervention and Tobacco Use Prevention/Intervention.
Victim/Offender Mediation, Community Service Programs for Offenders, Crime Victim Advocacy, and Restitution Services.
Mentoring, Crisis Intervention, Outreach Services for “At-Risk” Youth, Prostitution Counseling, Chemical Health Assessments and Referrals, Delinquency Prevention, Teen Parenting/Pregnancy Counseling, Runaway/Homeless Youth Services, School Groups, Peer Counseling, Anger Management, Culturally Specific Counseling, and Aftercare. It also includes providing counseling to families.
Shoplifting/Vandalism Prevention, Parenting Education, Job Training/Preparation, Drug/Alcohol Use Prevention, Child Abuse Awareness, Feelings and Values Awareness, Social/Emotional Learning, Conflict Resolution, Cultural Awareness, and Tutoring Services.