Be An Advocate

Like you, we believe it is unacceptable that so many youth lack the interventions that would help them become fully developed, contributing adults.  The problem isn’t that people don’t care enough about our youth.  The problem is that most just don’t know how valuable Youth Intervention programs really are.  So, a big part of the solution as we see it is advocating to raise awareness and encourage action.

YIPA is committed to a course of relentless advocacy so that people everywhere will see Youth Intervention as an essential service, because with support from their communities all youth can succeed.  But we can’t do that alone.

Will you join us?  Be an advocate, help spread the word about your work, share your outcomes and success stories with us and with your communities.   Even if you don’t directly serve youth, you can stand with us as a strong ally.  Adding your voice to our collective calls to action strengthens the impact we all have on important legislation shaping social policy.

We’ve made it easy for you by providing multiple opportunities to be an advocate for youth. These opportunities are open to anyone interested in the future of our youth.  Each of our elected officials are concerned about issues that matter to us as their constituents.  The more we reach out to them, communicate what we care most about, the easier it becomes for them to prioritize those issues.  We can be the wind at their backs, giving them momentum to move our cause forward.

Together, we will bring about a brighter future for our youth. Let’s relentlessly advocate for youth and change the world.

Free Advocacy Trainings

How to be a Good Advocate for Youth

Watch this free webinar and you will understand that it is not difficult to advocate and that there are easy ways for you to be part of the systemic shift that is already occurring here in Minnesota and throughout the country. The time to sit idly by has passed. This webinar will motivate you to get off the sidelines and use the power, talents and skills you possess to advocate for at-risk youth within in your community.

Advocacy to the Next Level

This is a one hour interview with two Minnesota state legislators, one Republican and one Democrat, that will help you develop a better understanding of how to work with lawmakers to advocate for youth. This is the time for action to drive the change we need.  This training presents a unique opportunity to learn how to take action effectively.

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