Advocacy Guiding Principles

The Youth Intervention Programs Association (YIPA) provides relentless advocacy for youth-serving organizations and youth workers. Our advocacy guiding principles define our actions and shape our messaging with elected officials, community members, and the media. The goal of our advocacy is to raise awareness, gain support, and secure funding for Youth Intervention programs by recruiting and uniting advocates that insist on reform.

Essential service We believe that Youth Intervention is an essential service. We work to ensure elected officials understand it saves taxpayer dollars and avoids much larger costs for Adult Intervention down the road. Youth Intervention strengthens families, improves public safety, and increases economic competitiveness. We know that everyone benefits when youth succeed.

Adequate funding Youth Intervention programs are woefully underfunded. Effective youth work provides a large return on investment and significant social value. Adequate funding is fiscally responsible and it aligns with a universal desire to help our youth succeed. We build relationship with elected officials and help them understand the need to allocate adequate funding. We won’t rest until all youth that could benefit from intervention services have access to them.

Destination career Youth work is difficult yet youth workers find the potential in all youth and make a real difference in their lives. They continuously acquire the knowledge, skills, and confidence through their commitment to professional development. We advocate for youth work to be a destination career with compensation commensurate to the value it provides. We support youth workers being recognized and valued as professionals.

Association of advocates Youth-serving organizations know first-hand the needs of young people in their community and their youth workers are uniquely qualified to advocate for them. We encourage every agency and individual youth worker to become actively engaged in advocacy for youth. We see this as a daily requirement of the job so we provide advocacy training. What a difference our united voices will truly make!