Time For Change

You’re someone who cares deeply about our youth and that conviction is powerful. By uniting with people who share your passion, we become a movement advancing the changes that help all our youth thrive. That’s why we are committed to helping you engage in our advocacy and lobbying efforts. It’s time for change.

Advocacy is about creating awareness to change the hearts and minds of people who don’t understand the value of Youth Intervention. Lobbying advances specific legislation that benefits our youth. In both cases, our chances of success greatly increase when like-minded people like you participate.

Here are some of the opportunities we’d love to have you participate in:

  • Regional summits throughout Minnesota
  • Press conferences
  • TAKE ACTION email campaigns
  • Youth Intervention Programs (YIP) At The Capitol Day
  • Testifying at the Capitol
  • Meetings with your lawmakers
  • Letters to the Editor campaigns
  • A Legislative Committee to form strategies and goals
  • Advocacy trainings

With you, and others that share your passion, we are a movement. The reality is, it is no longer acceptable to hope for change. By uniting, we drive the change our youth deserve.