YIP Grantee Outcome Survey

YIP Grantee Outcome Survey

As part of the Youth Intervention Programs (YIP) grant requirement, YIP grantees are expected to have youth complete an outcome survey after significant participation in the program. There is a standard outcome measurement tool for YIP grantees to use. This ensures that across grantee sites the same data elements indicating program impact are used and collected in a standardized way.

It is important for each grantee to comply with the YIP grant requirement for exit surveys because:

  • The grant renewal request you submit will be more competitive when it includes the data the state considers important for measuring the effectiveness of YIP grant funds. The grant request submission process is open to current grantees and new applicants at a minimum of every four years.
  • The budget for YIP funds is reviewed by the legislature every two years and the outcomes you document for your program provide quantifiable evidence to state legislators that YIP grant funds have the intended impact and are a good investment.

The links below will help your organization participate in the Outcome Survey:

YIP Grant Outcome Survey – Description and Protocol
Youth Intervention Program Grant Outcome Survey – online
Paper Copy of the Survey

As a grantee, you understand the value of YIP funding; it provides you with an ongoing stable funding source that helps you meet the needs of youth in your community. Completing the Outcome Survey is critical to ensuring that YIP funding remains a part of the state budget and in advocating for future additional funds.

If you are a YIP grantee and have further questions about the Outcome Survey, please contact Ryan Burke at [email protected] or 612-827-0448.