A Million Dollar Question

Ashley said it best, “Come rain or shine, it’s our time. Are you ready?”

$1,000,000 of new Youth Intervention Programs (YIP) funding is waiting for us…but only if we are willing to go get it. For the first time, a governor is proposing an increase in new funding for the YIP grant. The House matched the governor’s $1 million, but we (all of us) still need to convince the Senate to do the same. Together, as a youth work community, we simply must harness our collective power to get this much needed money. Are you ready?

Just because it’s unsafe to gather as a community at the Minnesota State Capitol doesn’t mean we should not be present and be heard. Let’s rise to the moment, be creative, and ensure the young people we care so much for have a virtual voice at the Capitol during this legislative session. 

This year, YIP Rally Day at the Capitol has been modified into YIP Rally Week. This allows you and your young people to safely participate when the time is right – on your schedule. Let’s work together, as a community of individuals to secure that additional $1 million of new money for Youth Intervention.

TAKE ACTION right now and send a prewritten email to your state legislators. And, set up virtual meetings with your legislators. Together, let’s make our voices heard at the Capitol, virtual style. Do your part to help hit these collective goals:

  • 250 youth work advocates and young people send an email to their state legislators via our TAKE ACTION campaign. It’s so easy!
  • 50 virtual meetings with state legislators. You can meet with them yourself. Even better to include young people in your meetings.

Everything you need is right here on this web page. You are the one who can make this YIP Rally Week a smashing success for the benefit of our young people.

On Friday, April 30, 2021 at 12:00 pm Central Time we’ll send an email to celebrate the outcomes we achieve together. It will be fun to work as a team…don’t be left out, join us!

Schedule Your Legislator Meeting(s)

Start now! Set up your meetings with your legislators. The two videos below will inform you exactly how to do that. Don’t know who your state legislators are? No problem, you can easily find out.

How to Set Up Your Virtual Meeting(s)

How to Meet with Your Legislator(s)

We look forward to seeing your engagement with YIP Rally Week!

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