AmeriCorps VISTA Member, Minneapolis American Indian Center, Ginew/Golden Eagle Program


Title: AmeriCorps VISTA Member
Placement Site: Minneapolis American Indian Center, Ginew/Golden Eagle Program
Service Term: August 2, 2018 – August 1, 2019
Contact: Julie Green, Program Director, [email protected], 612-879-1765

The Minneapolis American Indian Center’s Ginew/Golden Eagle Program works with American Indian youth to improve their life chances through educational supports, adult mentoring, and culturally-based programming. We need your help to improve our program databases, documentation systems and coordination methods.

Minneapolis American Indian Center Overview
The Minneapolis American Indian Center is one of the oldest urban Indian Centers in the country, and serves 10,000 American Indians each year with a set of comprehensive services that help address the social, economic and health disparities impacting American Indians in the urban area. The Ginew/Golden Eagle Program is a comprehensive youth development program serving 100 urban American Indian youth each year with academic support services, healthy living curriculum, and cultural teachings and activities. These services, along with the connection youth receive through the Ginew/Golden Eagle staff and volunteers, help promote protective factors in participating youth to help keep them safe and on a positive trajectory.

VISTA Responsibilities
The Ginew/Golden Eagle VISTA for 2018-19 will work with us to improve outcomes for urban Native American youth by strengthening our capacities to implement and document program activities and outcomes. The VISTA will expand an existing database system that tracks duplicated and unduplicated participation by youth. Secondly, our VISTA will help develop documentation and tracking systems for our case management activities to document work with and progress
by the highest-risk youth including those who are involved in one or more formal systems (juvenile justice, child welfare, etc.), which will allow us to meet the new reporting requirements for the program.

Alliance VISTA Position Responsibilities
Create or improve data systems to increase organization’s ability to track, evaluate, and replicate positive youth interventions
Develop and implement a process for recruiting volunteers and caring adults to work with youth in areas such
as mentoring, tutoring, civic engagement and college/career exploration
Convene partners to align goals and activities
Assess community needs and conduct asset mapping
Research best practices relating to educational equity (ex. access to reliable transportation, ensuring quality
data is available and used to target students, providing effective alternative pathways and additional time to
earn a diploma, etc.) and conduct literature reviews
Reduce/eliminate duplication in educational equity efforts
Identify and integrate best practices into communities and organizations
Assist in the creation and promotion of the GradMinnesota Resource Library
Create resources and materials to help inform the community and disseminate information
Create or promote leadership and civic engagement opportunities for youth
Help organize community meetings
Develop communication tools
Identify potential collaborators and partners
Research youth-led programming models and identifying opportunities to engage youth in co-creating

AmeriCorps Eligibility Requirements
Must be at least 18 years old
Have a high school diploma or GED
Be a U.S. Citizen or U.S. National or have status as a Lawful Permanent Resident Alien
Attend Pre-Service Orientation July 30-August 2, 2018
Please note that final candidates will be required to successfully pass a background check before being
officially enrolled as an AmeriCorps VISTA Member.
Alliance VISTA Qualifications
Interest in youth, service, education, and non-profit work
Strong written and oral communication skills
Ability to deal effectively with a variety of tasks, priorities, and people in order to meet goals
Self-motivated, able to work in a team, take initiative and work independently
Able to present oneself in a highly professional manner and be an ambassador of the program

Site Qualifications
At least 22 years of age, with good driving record, to be able to travel for position
Knowledge of/experience in Native American culture, community and traditions, and if not that, then cultural sensitivity and interest in learning about and working with Native community

Weekly Schedule
Monday-Thursday 11:00-7:30; Friday 8:30-4:30
VISTA Members serve in a full time capacity for a minimum of 40 hours per week during their term of service AmeriCorps VISTA Members may NOT be in school full-time or have another full-time position and serve with the Alliance

As a full-term AmeriCorps member, VISTAs serve full time for 12 months & receive: Modest Living Allowance (approximately $512 pre-tax biweekly); Health Care Allowance (~$6,600 that can be applied to any out of pocket costs, cannot go towards premiums, non-essential health expenses, or dependents); Qualified Student Loan Forbearance; $5,920 Education Award or cash stipend (approx.. $1,800) upon successful completion of service; $550 service relocation allowance (for VISTAs relocating more than 50 miles,) and ongoing, extensive support and training.

TO APPLY: Please visit or contact the site contact listed above.

For general questions about serving as an AmeriCorps member through Minnesota Alliance With Youth, please contact our Recruitment Team at [email protected] or 651-587-0531.

Please note:
We are committed to recruiting and engaging individuals without regard to disability, gender, race, religion, or sexual orientation.
This position may not displace another employee or position in any way
Reasonable accommodations provided upon request for interviews and service activities.
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