KARA Financial Literacy & Grant Program

Kids at Risk Action (KARA) is a non-profit action tank that supports the people, policies, and programs that improve the lives of at-risk children. 

The KARA financial literacy program is a place to learn, discuss and ask questions, find meaningful guidance and help teenagers and young adults start their financial journey off on the right path.  With monthly peer group discussions about personal financial issues and real-world financial tools, seed funding, and problem-solving for each participant.

  • Youth-focused; ages 15-23 years old.
  • Young people will learn money tools and then put that knowledge to use with real money.
  • Grants will be given directly to young people to save, invest and begin to grow wealth ($1250, throughout the year program).
  • We work with a variety of financial instruments and partner with trusted organizations.
  • Parental updates for any participants under 18.
  • Ongoing encouragement from peer group and support from KARA.

To learn more about their Financial Literacy & Grant Program visit Kara’s website