Clayful Health

Everybody needs somebody Introducing Clayful: on demand text-based coaching for every kid. Accelerated by a global pandemic, we're experiencing a mental health crisis unlike anything we've seen before. We started Clayful to bridge the gap to affordable mental health care, so we can finally provide all kids with support. We partner with districts needing to add additional mental health resources to support children. Our platform connects students ages 8-18 with Clayful Coaches so schools can provide personalized support to every student without needing to staff up or add resources internally. This is the first personalized Tier 1 intervention to be universally available to all students and fully scalable regardless of staffing constraints. Finally, students can access personalized support, regardless of socio-economic status.

Type(s) of Youth Work

Mental Health / Counseling

Age Group(s) Supported

6 - 9 years old, 10 - 12 years old, 13 - 15 years old, 16 - 18 years old