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Membership Categories & Rates

YIPA has three categories of membership with one fitting you as an agency or as an individual.  We also have a membership for allies who don’t directly work with youth but want to show their support for the field of Youth Intervention.

No matter what type of membership fits you best, we’ve done our best to make sure it’s an easy fit for your budget as well.

Associate Membership:

$250 for organizations that directly serve youth.
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Individual Membership:

$99 – If you’re working for an agency that is a YIPA Member, then you are already a member.  If not, you can join as an individual and enjoy all of our member benefits and training opportunities.  This is perfect for individuals who want to keep up their own professional development and stay connected to others in the field.
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Allied Membership:

$125 for businesses, professional organizations, foundations or other agencies that don’t directly serve youth but support Youth Intervention.
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