Peace Guide Services Manager – PeaceMaker Minnesota

Position: Peace Guide Services Manager Time Commitment:

  • Up to 350 hours annually; will not exceed 40 hours in any given week.
  • Nearly all hours will take place between August and June with occasional hours for meetings or trainings as needed during July.
  • The Peace Guide Services Manager will establish a schedule of consistent, part-time “office hours” between 11:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. on the days that Peace Guides are working in schools. (Schedule to be agreed on and confirmed when Peace Guide school assignments are secured and schedules are known.)

FLSA Status: Non-exempt
Pay Rate: Between $20.26 – $23.86 per hour. This part-time position is not eligible for benefits.

Mileage Reimbursement: PeaceMaker Minnesota will reimburse employees and volunteers for mileage driven while on PeaceMaker Minnesota business. PeaceMaker Minnesota will use the standard business mileage reimbursement rate as determined by the IRS.

PeaceMaker Minnesota will determine the miles that employees drive from home to their primary PeaceMaker Minnesota work site, and from their primary work site to home. Miles driven to and from one’s home for PeaceMaker Minnesota business in excess of these miles are reimbursable.

Service Purpose & Summary: to help kids learn to be peacemakers and to help create a positive learning environment. The Peace Guide Services Manager oversees all aspects of the Peace Guide Service, including supervising Peace Guide staff to ensure the service is being delivered with high quality and consistent with the memos of understanding for each school partner. Peace Guides support school staff members and work directly with students to help them improve communication, relational, and conflict resolution skills. They are a caring adult in kids’ lives, helping them feel listened to, valued, and cared for.

Working Conditions: The Peace Guide Services Manager will work primarily at the Roseville PeaceMaker Minnesota office with the option to work remotely as possible. Some travel to school sites and other locations is required for meetings and work supervision.

Required Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities:

  • Strong, effective inter-personal skills, including the ability to build relationships with Peace Guides, school staff, and community partners and members.
  • Knowledge of and understanding of restorative justice philosophy, principles, and practices.
  • Ability to maintain and model calm and patience in high-activity or potentially high stress environments.
  • Well-developed organizational skills, including the ability to oversee the work of and support Peace Guides assigned to different schools and the ability to meet deadlines as assigned.
  • Ability to review and evaluate data and narrative information against service goals and determine areas in which Peace Guide Services is successful and areas in which improvements need to be made.
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite. Skill in using personal computers and related programs to facilitate word processing, email, budgeting, and reporting requirements.
  • Ability to work effectively with students, staff, colleagues, and others from different cultures, backgrounds, and experiences.
  • Ability to work on-site elementary schools as needed to conduct meetings and fill vacancies and occasionally at the PeaceMaker Minnesota office in Roseville or other locations.
  • Ability to complete tasks and solve problems in a self-directed manner, while recognizing when problems warrant notifying and engaging other staff members.
  • Clear, concise, detail-oriented writing skills to facilitate documentation and reports, memos of understanding, performance assessments, and other documents as assigned.
  • Ability to provide constructive feedback, collaborate, and help Peace Guides develop skills and strategies needed to effectively perform in their role.
  • Ability to be self-directed, multi-task, and work in a dynamic and changing work environment.
  • Well-developed sense of accountability; ability to recognize and be transparent about errors and work toward resolution as needed
  • Ability to demonstrate and uphold PeaceMaker Minnesota’s values:

▪ Peace is worth our commitment.

▪ People and relationships matter.

▪ Transparency and Accountability.

  • Honor, celebrate, and promote diversity in our workplaces and in the communities, we serve, including the ability to work toward and maintain an inclusive environment in which those we work with feel welcomed, included, heard, respected, and valued.

Required Education and Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent
  • 1 to 3 years of program or service delivery experience.
  • Knowledge of applying restorative justice principles and practices.
  • Six months or more of experience working directly with elementary-age children (k-8) in a structured setting

Desired Education and Experience:

  • Past management/supervisory experience strongly preferred.
  • Completion of foundational circle training and introduction to restorative practices training strongly preferred.

Required Credentials / Licensure: N/A

Bona Fide Occupational Qualifications: N/A


This position reports to the Marketing Communication Specialist at PeaceMaker Minnesota.


  1. Oversee all aspects of the Peace Guide Services to ensure that the service is delivered with high quality, consistent with memos of understanding for each school.
  2. Develop and maintain a Peace Guide handbook for new staff, ensuring information is reflective of current or best practices.
  3. Develop procedures and processes as needed to appropriately integrate the service and staff at each school.
  4. Clearly communicate issues, challenges, and successes of service with supervisor.
  5. Participate in interviewing and selection of Peace Guide staff, including review of resumes and helping to create pertinent interview questions and testing.
  6. Perform supervisory functions needed for adequate direction and feedback for Peace Guide staff, including orientation, facilitating regular staff meetings (1:1 and group), providing formal and informal feedback on performance, and ensuring staff training needs are met.
  7. Develop and maintain positive working relationships with contacts at schools that have a Peace Guide assigned.
  8. Promote Peace Guide Services through networking, outreach, and other opportunities as identified to help with service reach and growth.
  9. Ensure all reporting and surveying requirements are being met by each Peace Guide, including monthly reports, Youth Intervention Program (YIP) Outcome Surveys to grade 4 and higher, school staff surveys, and end-of-school year reports.
  10. Send monthly Peace Guide reports to designated school contact.
  1. Develop an overall end-of-school year report for the Peace Guide Service, including both data and narrative information, gathered from individual Peace Guide reports, to illustrate successes and challenges of the service, including recommendations for changes or improvements.
  2. Manage time off requests for Peace Guide staff, working with school as needed to fill vacancies. Fill-in at schools as needed to ensure coverage.
  3. Travel to school site for each Peace Guide 3 times per school year to observe their work and work environment with final meeting culminating in a joint meeting with Peace Guide and school contact. (1 meeting Sept. – Dec.), (1 meeting Jan. – April), (1 meeting May/June)
  4. Pro-actively work with school contact and Peace Guide to identify and resolve any issues or challenges that may arise in the work or working environment.
  5. Set up and track individual budgets for each school with a Peace Guide to ensure expenses are within established budgetary parameters. Pro-actively identify and report any budgetary concerns to supervisor.
  6. Manage timesheet submission process for Peace Guide staff, including ensuring they are equipped with timesheets and a pay date schedule, reminding of payroll deadlines, reviewing, and signing off on timesheet, and documenting hours for budgetary purposes as needed.
  7. Ensure memos of understanding for each school are fulfilled. Draft or review agreements as assigned.
  8. Identify and attend trainings to stay informed of best practices related to restorative practices and discipline in schools. Share information with Peace Guide staff as appropriate.

About PeaceMaker Minnesota

To help create a more peaceful world, the mission of PeaceMaker Minnesota is to help schools to be safer places, free from bullying and harassment, and to help youth learn positive relational skills like empathy, respect, cooperation and how to resolve conflicts peacefully.

PeaceMaker provides the following services:

  • Financial Services to reimburse schools for training, curriculum, and supplies to build community and strengthen violence prevention efforts. Partner schools can receive $500 and access additional matching money to support teachers and other staff in teaching kids to be peacemakers.
  • Training Service to help teachers, administrators, bus drivers and others to recognize, respond to and to prevent bullying. Training can also help students become peer mediators and school employees learn communication skills to resolve conflicts.
  • Ambassadors for Respect (A4R) brings individuals with developmental disabilities into schools to teach fourth graders about the importance of including others, Person First Language and of being an advocate for oneself and others.

Peace Guide Service to help kids learn to be peacemakers and to help create a positive learning environment. Students learn to address bullying, repair harm, resolve conflicts and improve relational skills.

Our vision is for kids – all kids in every community – to learn to be peacemakers. Our strategy is to support more school employees, students, and others in teaching kids to be peacemakers. We strive to be leaders in violence prevention education and generators of support for helping youth learn to be peacemakers. Founded in 1998, PeaceMaker Minnesota meets all standards of the Charities Review Council, earned a Gold Seal of Transparency from GuideStar, and is a giving option for the State of Minnesota Employee Fund Drive.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

At PeaceMaker Minnesota, our mission is to help schools to be safer places for everyone. We honor and celebrate diversity within the people and communities who make that possible: partner schools, students, staff, volunteers, Board of Directors members, interns, vendors, community partners, and others. We call on one another to demonstrate and utilize the skills our programs and services aim to develop in young people: empathy, respect, cooperation, and peaceful conflict resolution.

We work to maintain an inclusive environment in which those we work with feel welcomed, included, heard, respected, and valued. Including diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives helps to generate innovation and progress, making our organization stronger and leading to better services and programs for the people and communities we serve.

Interested applicants may apply by sending a cover letter and resume to:

This position description outlines the general nature and level of work performed by people employed in this position. The mission of PeaceMaker Minnesota requires that employees demonstrate flexibility in terms of accepting and sharing other, sometimes unforeseeable responsibilities as well as those described in this description. Date: 6.29.2021, HD/DM