Quick Reference Guide

We’re thrilled you plan to be part of the YIP Rally Day. To make your visit as easy as possible, use this Quick Reference Guide as your go-to source of information about the day.

If you have any questions contact Paul Meunier at [email protected] or 763-434-4190.

Meetings with legislators: Meeting with your lawmaker as a constituent is an opportunity to share your program’s successes as well as your program and community needs. The Meetings with State Representative and State Senator guide will help you schedule your meetings in advance and plan your talking points for success.

Rally logistics: The Rally is from 10: 30 am to approximately 10:50 am in the Rotunda of the State Capitol. This is a great chance to come together as a large group and get fired up! Here’s everything you’ll need to know about the Rally.

Check in: Check in between 8:30 am to 10:00 am with our Hospitality Team in the L’ Etoile du Nord Vault (Vault) in the basement of the Capitol. Simply have one group member check-in with the number of youth and adults that are attending and which State Legislator(s) you are meeting with. You will be assigned a “Coach” for last minute details and answers to your questions. 

PR for your agency: Earn media coverage that explains the purpose for attending the YIP Rally Day and highlights your program and its needs. We know you’re busy so we’ve got a quick and easy template with instructions for you. Click the press release template to download and save to complete after the event.

Letters to the Governor: You and your youth hand deliver your letters to the Governor’s Office in Room 130 at the Capitol. You can write your letters ahead of time or we’ll have note cards for you in the L’ Etoile du Nord Vault (Vault) check in area. See more about how to write effective letters.

Social media: Connect with others via social media and share news about your meeting(s) and pictures of your group. Use the hashtag #yiprallyday

Lunch: There are options for dining at the Capitol Complex. You may choose to bring your own bag lunches. McDonalds or White Castle are only two blocks away.

Attire: Business attire is the standard practice at the Capitol, but it is optional for visitors. The rule of thumb for you and your youth is to “dress nicely.”

Parking: At the Capitol, there are several parking lots you can choose. Each lot has an automated pay station that accepts cash or a credit card.

Bonus activities:

  • Take a free guided tour and get an overview of the newly remodeled Capitol, its history, art, architecture and workings of the state government. Tours leave at the top of the hour and are 45 minutes.
  • Attend a legislative committee meeting or view a floor session and watch the legislation process. House and Senate committee meetings are free, just walk in and sit down.

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Contact Paul Meunier at [email protected] or 763-434-4190 if you have questions.