Guiding Principles

The Youth Intervention Programs Association (YIPA) provides relentless advocacy to gain wholehearted support for youth-serving organizations and youth workers. Our advocacy guiding principles define our actions and shape our messaging with elected officials, community members, and the media. The goal of our advocacy is to raise awareness, gain support, and drive action to secure funding for Youth Intervention programs by recruiting and uniting advocates that insist on reform.

Essential Service We ensure elected officials understand your work saves taxpayer dollars and avoids much larger costs for Adult Intervention down the road. Youth Intervention strengthens families, improves public safety, and increases economic competitiveness. It’s essential because everyone benefits when youth positively develop their unique skills and talents.

Adequate Funding Your work provides a large return on investment and adds significant social value. It’s fiscally responsible and aligns with a universal desire to help our youth positively develop their unique skills and talents. We build relationships with elected officials so they understand the need to allocate adequate funding.

Respected Profession Your work is difficult yet you find the potential in all youth and make a real difference in their lives. We advocate for youth work to be a respected profession with compensation commensurate to the value you provide. We recognize youth workers as valued professionals.

Join Us

Like you, we believe it is unacceptable that so many youth lack the interventions that would help them become fully developed, contributing adults. The problem is that caring and support alone are not enough to create change. Change happens through determined, focused, relentless action. We need your help to turn support into ACTION!

Will you join us in our relentless advocacy? Be an advocate! Help spread the word about your work and share your outcomes and success stories with us and with your communities. Even if you don’t directly serve youth, you can stand with us as a strong ally. Adding your voice to our collective calls to action strengthens the impact we all have on important legislation shaping social policy.

We’ll make it easy for you by providing multiple opportunities to be an advocate for youth. Each of our elected officials are concerned about issues that matter to us as their constituents. The more we reach out to them, communicate what we care most about, the easier it becomes for them to prioritize Youth Intervention.

Together, we will bring about a brighter future for our youth. Let’s relentlessly advocate for youth and change the world.

FREE Advocacy Training

Positively Impacting Youth via a Grassroots Movement

By watching this Interview-Style training, you’ll learn why grassroots movements are so important in youth work. You’ll learn some of the strategies you need to know to be an effective youth work advocate. This training focuses on the seven pillars of a grassroots movement. Don’t wait for someone else to change what we all know needs fixing…light the fire inside yourself and get involved! Learn more and register.

Youth Work Legislative Advocacy 101

This training is specific to Minnesota, but if you live in another state the fundamentals will still be beneficial to you. You’ll learn how an idea becomes a law, the cycles of the budget process, basic skills to successfully advocate with elected officials on the life changing interventions you provide, how to engage others in your work, and you’ll consider the concept of trauma informed advocacy. You’ll gain knowledge and skills to confidently advocate for the youth work that matters to you and your community. Invite the youth you serve to join you for this training. Be the change! Learn more and register.

Social Activism in Youth Work

This training will provide a historical perspective of social change and help you develop insight about your elected officials. You’ll learn strategies and receive tips on how to make the most of youth worker activism. Discover what social activism in youth work is all about. This cause needs all of us right now! View this training individually or with the youth you serve. Either way, you’ll be inspired by video clips of youth inviting you to become socially engaged. Learn more and register.