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Your Competency Framework for Professional Development

A diverse grass-roots group of YIPA members collaborated and provided input about what makes a great youth worker. They identified distinct areas and concluded that each area requires a basic foundation of learning and on-going training to develop competency.

These eight focus areas form the Competency Framework and provide an outline for the Youth Intervention Certification (YIC). The YIC is your foundation for great youth work and our other trainings supplement your training and expand your knowledge, skills and confidence. Whether you’re new to the field of youth work or a seasoned pro, your YIPA trainings will help you become a great youth worker. Your YIPA trainings:

  • Support evidence-based or promising practices and include relevant tools you can use immediately
  • Complement a variety of youth program assessment tools that measure the quality of programming

Your Eight Focus Areas

The Field of Youth Intervention 

  • Understand the reach and importance of your role
  • Serve as an effective advocate for youth
  • Pursue ongoing professional development

Youth Development 

  • Implement Positive Youth Development strategies
  • Understand development channels
  • Support youth through developmental changes


  • Develop healthy, productive work relationships
  • Engage in collaborative problem solving with youth
  • Improve individual and group facilitation


  • Adhere to guidelines for professional behavior
  • Role model self-management
  • Set and maintain healthy boundaries


  • Recognize and transcend your inherent biases
  • Address your unconscious prejudice
  • See cultural competency as an ongoing process of development

Behavioral Intervention

  • Understand the connection between emotions and behaviors
  • Effectively model managing your own emotions as you teach youth to manage theirs
  • Diffuse dysregulated behavior and help youth re-regulate

At-Risk Behaviors

  • Identify the warning signs of unhealthy and risky behavior
  • Understand risky behaviors based on a knowledge of adolescent brain development
  • Know when to report and refer

Mental Health

  • Understand prevalent mental health issues among youth today
  • Learn how to connect youth with appropriate mental health resources
  • Practice good self-care strategies

Youth Intervention Certification Program (YIC)

The Youth Intervention Certification course (YIC) brings all eight focus areas together in one complete package. We see the YIC as your foundation for great work because the course provides you with a broad knowledge base as well as a professional mindset to help you create your career in youth work.

There is one comprehensive Learning Module for each of our focus areas. Each Learning Module offers you self-study materials, links to outside resources and videos, exercises to reinforce your learning along the way, and a competency quiz at the end to summarize your progress.

Our Exceptional Trainings

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  • Every training supports evidence-based or promising practices and includes tools and tips you can use immediately
  • We provide certificates and all relevant information you may need to submit to your board for Continuing Education (CE) hours
  • Most of our trainings are available online so time constraints and travel restrictions won’t be barriers for you
  • Your voice matters and your feedback helps us continue to improve our trainings for you; reach out to any YIPA team member if you have ideas for training topics or speakers

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