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Upcoming Trainings

Cultural Intelligence in Youth Work Friday, August 28, 2020

Globe, Training Image for Cultural Intelligence in Youth WorkJoin us for Cultural Intelligence in Youth Work and explore how to connect with the young people you serve in more meaningful, culturally responsive ways. You’ll work through cultural dynamics and learn how to advance the work you do to move beyond cultural competence to cultural intelligence. You will be more effective in your efforts to create inclusive programs that foster genuine equity. Even if you’ve worked on these concepts before, come explore this training for new insights because the work is never done.

We Are All Criminals Thursday, August 6, 2020

Training Image for We Are All CriminalsJoin us for a unique and eye-opening perspective. Through first-person narrative, photography, law, and statistics, We Are All Criminals seeks to challenge concepts of criminality and justice. Your trainer, Emily Baxter, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to deliver this thought-provoking subject in a clear and engaging manner.

Effective Consent Education Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Training Image for Effective Consent EducationYou’ll learn about enthusiastic consent and different ways to ask for consent. You’ll consider effective conversations to have at each developmental age, beyond just how to say ‘no’. Statistics and reasons why sexual assault goes underreported will also be addressed. The statistics may be alarming, but with effective consent education you’ll help young people build boundaries and maintain healthy relationships to prevent sexual assault.

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