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Upcoming Trainings

Transformative Conflict: A Trauma-Informed Approach to De-escalation, Healing, & Accountability Wednesday, November 11, 2020

This training will give youth workers techniques for fostering de-escalation, while deepening your understanding of the root causes of challenging behaviors. You’ll practice shifting from reactive responses, often rooted in your own histories of trauma, oppression, and privilege, to centered responses that make room for the unique experiences and needs of the youth in front of you. You’ll reflect on how to shift the practices of your programs away from punitive approaches and towards the individual and collective possibilities of conflict transformation.

Talking Healthy Choices with Young People Thursday, October 22, 2020

Training Image for Talking Healthy Choices with Young PeopleJoin us to explore tools and concepts of active listening combined with real youth work stories and experiences. You’ll go beyond theories to learn how to connect and communicate with young people about healthy choices in ways they’ll be more open to. You’ll learn how to talk with youth, how to effectively listen when they respond, and be able to give youth tools to expand their own ways of thinking to better understand themselves. You’ll also consider challenges youth, particularly youth of color, may face when making healthy choices and how to break down those barriers.

How White Youth Workers Can Talk About Race and Racism Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Join Dr. Verna Cornelia Price to gain the tools and strategies needed to do this important work. You’ll find motivation and inspiration to increase your confidence. You’ll learn how to have productive and meaningful conversations about race and racism with your white friends, neighbors, other youth workers, and the youth in your programs. You’ll consider how racism affects your youth work, your wellbeing, and its impact on the youth you serve. You’ll have a safe space to ask questions and gain new insights.

Ethical Considerations for Social Media Use with Youth Thursday, September 24, 2020

Social media help buttonJoin us for Ethical Considerations for Social Media Use with Youth to build your skill in making ethically informed decisions around your online practices for connecting with youth. You’ll become aware of best practices for respecting boundaries and strategies to maximize your connections with young people. Through case studies and sharing ideas, you’ll sharpen your good judgment in relation to social media and mobile tech.

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