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Upcoming Trainings

Adopting a Mentoring Mindset Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Explore what it means to adopt a mentoring mindset to enhance your youth work. You’ll learn about the Developmental Relationships Framework and how to make the most of a mentoring mindset. By understanding the characteristics of effective mentors, you’ll be able to create and support quality relationships with youth. You’ll also learn how Critical Mentoring is advancing the mentoring field forward to raise youth voice and address structural challenges that impact young people.

Empowering Youth Self-Advocacy Friday, March 13, 2020

The Cornerstone Youth Advocacy model will be reviewed in this training to give you insight into proven practices for empowering youth self-advocacy, fostering collaborative partnerships, and nurturing leadership skills. You’ll learn how to help youth feel safe and recover from crisis by validating feelings and being an askable adult, meeting them where they’re at, and teaching tools to cope with challenges.

An Inside-Out Approach to Navigating Youth Trauma Thursday, March 26, 2020

Gain strategies to support young people who are learning how to trust and find safety in everyday life. Improve your ability to communicate safety by maintaining your own regulation. Recognize how self-care strategies are vital to being more present to youth that have experienced trauma. This training will give you tools, deepen your understanding, and build your capacity to support young people who are experiencing and trying to navigate a profoundly intense world.

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