YIPA FEST was created to celebrate youth workers. It grew as more of you came each year to expand your learning, connect and network with your colleagues, and recharge your passion for youth work. It taught us to infuse the spirit of the event into everything we do. Each of our trainings, association meetings, and events intentionally celebrate you and the work you do.

Unfortunately, it’s time to say goodbye to YIPA FEST, the day, but hello to YIPA FEST, all day every day! Truth is, the big day as an event became so large that we could not secure a venue that would meet our specialized needs. It is regrettable but YIPA FEST has run its course. Just as we created that innovative idea, we’re always working on new ways to bring you the learning, and connection, and passion you expect from your YIPA community.

Please accept our heartfelt gratitude for all the love and enthusiasm you brought to YIPA FEST for the past six years. We treasure each one as much as we treasure each of you for the amazing work you do. We hope you’ll enjoy this small sampling of the wonderful memories we made together…

You filled the day with love and positive energy

Youth performers reminded us of the inherent talent of young people

Breakout sessions were led by passionate YIPA members

Inspirational keynote speakers provided hope and recharged our batteries

Join us for our next YIPA training or event. This is where you belong!

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