• All online and self-paced

  • Eight modules in one comprehensive certification

  • Each module offers a video and a text version

  • Each module focuses on a specific competency

  • Includes theory, research, tools, and strategies you can actually use

  • $99 for YIPA Members (learn about membership), $195 for non-members

The Need

Youth today face many challenges on the path to becoming productive, self-sustaining adults.  You and your team see it firsthand every day and it’s exactly why you do the work you do.  You genuinely care about helping youth succeed.

Program leaders, youth workers, and volunteers are also facing more challenges – more diverse populations to serve, more demand for services, the ongoing need to keep expanding your knowledge and skills, to keep up with new methods while staying sharp on the basics at the same time.

Years of research have gone into trying to pinpoint what makes the greatest difference in youth programming.  Turns out the key ingredient great programs share is having competent staff.

The Path to Competency

There are 3 essential elements for developing competence:

  1. KNOWLEDGE – Acquire a basic, broad understanding of the work and the reason for the work
  2. SKILLS – Master a set of fundamental skills that are essential to consistently perform the job well
  3. CONFIDENCE – Develop a level of expertise that demonstrates you now know how to apply good judgment in any situation

We believe (and research confirms) that the more competent a youth worker becomes, the greater their program outcomes will be and the more positive impact they will have in the lives of young people.   You know how important this is to you and your team.  Our youth are counting on all of you to be the best youth workers and volunteers you can be!

To validate the effectiveness of the Youth Intervention Certification, we invited several of our member organizations to participate in a pre- and post-training survey.  Competency was measured in terms of knowledge, skills and confidence of the youth worker.  Across the board, scores improved in all competencies and the standard deviation of ratings decreased, showing staff had improved.

Module Descriptions

Youth Intervention Basics- About The Field and the Profession

1 Hour

This module explores Youth Intervention as a profession and examine the many important roles you play in successfully supporting youth.

Youth Development-Understanding Milestones from Middle Childhood to Adolescence

2 hours

This module gives you key insights into healthy developmental outcomes, as well as factors that support or inhibit positive youth development.

Communications-Fundamentals of Human Relations

2 hours

This module equips you with additional tools to enhance your verbal and non-verbal skills, your active listening and attending skills, your feedback skills and your collaborative problem-solving skills.

Ethics-Guidelines of Professional Behavior

2 hours

This module increases your awareness of key ethical issues that arise in youth work, help you understand how to set and maintain healthy boundaries and respect the responsibilities of your “scope of practice.”

Diversity-Transcending Inherent Biases

1 hour

This module reinforces the importance of uncovering and addressing unconscious prejudice in yourself and others, give you strategies for better cross-cultural communication and help you embrace multicultural competence as a lifelong adventure of discovery.

Behavioral Intervention-Implementing Key Strategies

2 hours

This module helps you develop a deeper understanding of conflict styles and levels of engagement as well as mediation strategies to solve problems, deal with escalated emotions and model positive conflict resolution skills.

At-Risk Behaviors-Identifying the Warning Signs of Youth In Need

1 hour

This module gives you tools to recognize warning signs of unhealthy and risky behaviors, help you understand the biological basis for risk taking from a brain development perspective and teach you skills for talking with youth as well as your role in reporting and referring.

Mental Health Basics-The Intersection of Mental Health and Youth Intervention

2 hours

This module provides an overview of the prevalent mental health disorders among youth, help you recognize the signs you should be aware of and give you the appropriate actions to support youth and connect them to the right resources.

Feedback From Real Youth Workers

“I came into the training a little biased because of my previous experience and education but honestly, I did learn new information, especially around mental health and at-risk behaviors.  And I really see the value of the training for getting the whole team on the same page.”Deidre Jefferson, Teen Outreach Program Worker

“Even though my agency provides great training, by comparison, I didn’t get the same grounding in youth development there as I did from the YIC.  And this training really reinvigorated my passion to keep doing youth work.  That’s huge because burn-out is such a challenge.”

Jade Schleif, AmeriCorps Promise Fellow
“The YIC highlights a lot of different things that we encounter in our work and brings you back to the basics, helps you refocus and allows you to see the information from a new perspective, no matter what your level of experience is.”Javin-Machaias Hintz, Program Intern, completing a Masters in Social Work

“I decided to take it myself because I wanted to put my whole team through the training and was interested in knowing firsthand what the training provided.  Having my team up to speed on these topics means a better program overall and the ripple effect of that for the youth and our community is huge.  The benefits of this training far outweigh the cost.”

Brian Swerin, Senior District Executive, Juvenile Diversion program

The Logistics

bulletOnce registered, you receive an email with a link to the course syllabus that has all the required information and links

bulletPurchasers have 12 months to complete their certification(s) – no carryover

bulletModules may be completed in any order.  There is a quiz to complete at the end of each module before you move on to the next.

bulletThis training will count as 13 CEU hours for most boards. Please contact your board directly with questions on submitting.

bulletDownload the Youth Intervention Certification Flyer

bullet$99 for YIPA Members (learn more about membership); $195 for Non-YIPA Members





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