It’s a heartbreaking reflection of our times that so many young people lack the support they need to develop their unique interests and talents. Youth Intervention programs are woefully underfunded and too often unable to meet their community’s needs. Unless we work together, the status quo for our young people will prevail. The Youth Intervention Programs (YIP) Rally Day is about coming together to raise our voices in support of increased funding. Right now, there’s legislation to help tens of thousands of youth with millions of dollars for youth-serving programs. We need to get it passed because so much is at stake.

We cannot sit on the sidelines. We need to show up, and shout out, and shake the halls of our Capitol with and for our young people! Our youth need us and it’s time to make this big push with them. This is your day to make a real difference. Your legislators need to hear from you why Youth Intervention is essential. Join us for YIP Rally Day at the Capitol. Bring as many young people from your programs as you can. It’s a great experience for you and them to engage, learn, find your voice, and feel our collective power. This is right where you belong!

The Rally, designed and led by young people, will be engaging for you and your youth. We’ll gather to make signs, be inspired and get fired up, and learn how to make an impact. We’ll walk together to the Rotunda and be greeted by amazing youth performers. As one united community of people who are passionate about youth, we’ll make noise, raise awareness, and show our resolve. Then, you’ll feel empowered to meet with your legislators and encourage them to fund HF 665 and SF 904.

Everything you need for your YIP Rally Day is included in this Quick Reference Guide.

You’ll leave knowing you made a difference. There’s no better feeling than being the change we all want to see. See you at the YIP Rally Day at the Capitol.

The YIP Rally Day is April 24, 2019 and it promises to be a great day. Plan to attend!
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One adult registers your entire group.