Targeted Professional Development for Youth Workers

YIPA, the Youth Intervention Programs Association, is dedicated to creating exceptional professional development for youth workers. We understand your passion for working with young people in your community. Our mission is to support you in gaining the knowledge, skills, and confidence to be the best youth worker you can be.

Youth Support Worker Training

YIPA programs focus on professional development for youth workers. We offer a suite of learning opportunities including The Art and Science of Youth Work certificate course, which provides the foundational skills and professional knowledge to effectively work with young people. For youth program leaders looking for certifications for working with youth, you’ll find our certificate course will fit any type of youth work. Perfect for the beginner needing the basics. And valuable for experienced, seasoned youth workers needing a refresh.

You have options! Our professional development training for youth workers is offered both live and on-demand. And a YIPA membership includes unlimited access.

Unlike other options in youth worker training, we are responsive to your interests and the needs that benefit your programs. From The Passionate Youth Worker podcasts to our Quick Takes blog, we provide professional development for youth workers that is designed to address the challenges you are facing. Your membership with YIPA will ensure you grow both personally and professionally.

Working with young people in your community is a rewarding experience. YIPA is here to provide you with the learning opportunities and community support you need to be the best at what you do. Join us as a member to access our exceptional suite of learning resources specifically designed for you, a youth worker with a passion for service to young people.