YIP grantee membership is for organizations that receive Youth Intervention Programs (YIP) grant funding. The value of our lobbying and learning opportunities is evident as 74 of 75 YIP grantees voluntarily became YIPA members in 2023. Grantee dues help YIPA engage in year-round legislative advocacy to increase and secure YIP funding.

Dues are an approved reimbursable expenditure of YIP grant funds and are based on a number of variables. Download the Calculate Your Annual Grantee Dues spreadsheet to determine your grantee dues based on your organization’s specific information. If you have questions about grantee membership, contact us at

YIP Grant Basics

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety’s Office of Justice Programs (OJP) awards and manages the Youth Intervention Programs (YIP) grants. YIPA lobbies the Minnesota State Legislature for YIP funding on behalf of our members, and we collect YIP Outcome Survey data and distribute it to grantees. Our engaged members helped us secure $14,201,000 for the 2024 and 2025 biennium. Our goal is to increase the YIP grant allocation to $25,000,000 per biennium. To learn more about the YIP grant visit the OJP website.

YIP Outcome Survey

The YIP Outcome Survey is a requirement for YIP grantees. YIPA uses the YIP outcome data to promote the social and economic value of grantee programs in our lobbying for YIP funding. We know your programs work and we share your outcomes with Minnesota State Legislators. The links below will help YIPA grantee members meet their YIP Outcome Survey requirement.
The YIP grant provides your organization with an ongoing stable funding source that helps you meet the needs of young people in your community. Completing the YIP Outcome Survey is critical to ensuring that YIP funding remains a part of the state budget and in advocating for future additional funds. If you have questions about the survey, please contact us at We are ready to help.