As someone who cares deeply about our youth, you know that things are upside down. You see the need for Youth Intervention funding, you know how effective those programs are, and you know how cost-effective they can be. But too often, the much-needed funding is directed to Adult Interventions instead.

And that has set up a vicious cycle. As a society, we let youth fail and then wonder why there is so much social unrest. Youth living with adverse risk factors need advocates like you to work on their behalf. But it will take more than just being a great youth worker. You’ll multiply your effectiveness by becoming a great advocate for Youth Intervention.

You have the power to create change, to reverse the vicious cycle and turn things right side up for our youth. You are the change our youth and our society so badly need. And the time to act is now!

The Youth Intervention Summit is your chance to unite with like-minded people at an annual event designed to be a catalyst for systemic change. By attending, you will be inspired hearing young people’s stories of struggle and success. You don’t have to be a seasoned advocate, just bring your ideas, experiences, and passion for our young people.

At the summit, you will learn about YIPA’s advocacy strategy to increase support for your work and our efforts to secure more funding for your programs. You’ll also hear from lawmakers and seasoned advocates about effective advocacy actions you can take to build a community of support that directly benefits our youth. And because your opinions matter, you’ll be able to voice them to guide what we can do individually and collectively to ensure all youth are given the chance to succeed.

Your participation in the Youth Intervention Summit is vital to shifting the tide and creating a sustainable movement on behalf of young people. Sign up for the BUZZ on Advocacy Enewsletter to receive registration information about the Summit and other relevant advocacy news that will help you be an effective advocate for youth.

Join us on March 22, 2019 for the Youth Intervention Summit!