Empowering young people is a universal priority of all youth work. The Youth Intervention Summit creates a welcoming space to foster their self-advocacy skills.

Providing young people real opportunities to speak up, have their voice heard, and advocate for themselves and their peers is vital to bringing about the systemic changes needed to ensure their future.

Whether your program typically incorporates advocacy activities or not, you’ll find this a valuable opportunity to help young people positively develop their unique skills and talents. It’s a great way to strengthen your relationships with them and participate in new activities together.

This unique event is led by young people and includes fun interactive learning opportunities for both youth workers and youth. Bring young people and join us as a team! Learn how to raise awareness about the social value and lifelong benefits of supporting our young people in programs like yours.

Your day includes a guided tour of the Minnesota State Capitol, lunch, inspiration from different state legislators, a brief history of social activism, information about trauma-informed advocacy, group activity practice, learning from young people who work at the Capitol, and discovering how to turn your good ideas into law.

Watch for Details Regarding the 2021 Youth Intervention Summit!