The Youth Intervention Summit is your chance to unite with like-minded people and be a catalyst for systemic change for young people.

Video Montage of the 2019 Summit

We all care deeply for our youth and work tirelessly to help them achieve their personal potential. None of us can do it alone. We need to join together to create a movement that will disrupt the status quo for good. We simply cannot rest until Youth Intervention is wholeheartedly embraced and fully funded.

You understand what your community needs and lawmakers rely on your intimate knowledge to better inform their policy and funding decisions regarding youth. Our youth need us all to become vocal, active advocates for better youth policy and proper funding. The Youth Intervention Summit will help you find that voice and plan your climb!

By attending, you’ll be inspired by young people’s stories of struggle and success. You’ll learn about YIPA’s collective advocacy strategy and lobbying efforts, and you’ll hear from lawmakers and seasoned advocates about effective advocacy actions.

Your participation in the Youth Intervention Summit is vital. Join us – together we have the power to move this mountain to ensure all youth are given the chance to succeed.

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See you at the 2020 Summit!

Photos courtesy of Tiny Acorn Portraits