Alexandra House

Alexandra House Youth Services provides prevention and intervention services in six school districts in Anoka County. Our staff have college degrees in trauma-informed fields such as Social Work, Psychology, and Education. All our curriculum is evidence- based and overseen by a MN licensed teacher. SERVICES OFFERED INCLUDE: Classroom Presentations – we offer elementary, middle, high school, and college presentations to students free of charge. Prevention topics include: ~ Social and Emotional Learning on topics such as Kindness and Empathy ~ Healthy/unhealthy boundaries ~ Healthy/unhealthy relationships ~ Technology Abuse ~ Domestic, Sexual, and Dating violence ~ Positive and Adverse Childhood Experiences and the Effects of Trauma ~ All About Consent ~ Know the Signs ~ Bystander Intervention Advocacy Services – We are available to meet with students individually and/or to facilitate support groups. We work with students who are dealing with unhealthy/abusive dating relationships, sexual violence, domestic/family violence, and overall childhood trauma. Our youth advocates are there to provide emotional support as well as guide students through intervention activities. These activities are individualized for each student and come from our evidence-based curriculum library.

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Age Group(s) Supported

All age groups