Kandiyohi County Restorative Justice Diversion Program

Restorative justice is a philosophy that views harm and crime as violations of people and relationships. It is a holistic process that addresses the repercussions and obligations created by harm, with a view to putting things as right as possible. Restorative justice services have their roots in all indigenous cultures. It is the ancient wisdom of people coming together to address conflict, discuss problems, make decisions, and build stronger community connections. Restorative justice is best practiced when guided by restorative values and principles and when those most affected are both the focus and the directors. When compared with our current models of punishment, whether it is in the justice system or discipline in schools, restorative justice requires a paradigm shift in thinking about reactions to harm. This becomes most apparent when we compare the values and principles of restorative justice to those of the current justice system, which emphasizes punishment and retribution.

Type(s) of Youth Work

Juvenile Justice

Age Group(s) Supported

All age groups