Kinship of Morrison County

The Kinship of Morrison County youth mentoring program is based in Little Falls, Minnesota, and serves both Morrison County and the greater Long Prairie area. Kinship's mission is to help kids, not living with both parents, grow through the "guidance and companionship of an adult friend," a mentor! Through Kinship, we strive to provide role models and influences in the lives of Kinkids (kids in Kinship) through matches and group mentoring activities. The bottom line is we want to help kids grow through positive friendships with adults. This website is full of information about volunteering, enrolling your child, Kinship activities and donating to Kinship all topped of with many fun pictures! As you read through the site and see mentoring in action through photographs, our hope is that you can see yourself as a mentor, or that you many know someone who would. If you are raising kids in a home without both parents, or if you know of a family in that situation, please tell them about Kinship!

Type(s) of Youth Work


Age Group(s) Supported

6 - 9 years old, 10 - 12 years old, 13 - 15 years old, 16 - 18 years old