Lakes & Prairies Community Action Partnership

Recently Lakes & Prairies Community Action Agency celebrated its 49th Anniversary. That is 49 years of working with and for low-income children, families, seniors throughout our service area. It is also 49 years of working as a partner to improve the quality of life in our communities. Our mission is Eliminate Poverty. Empower Families. Engage Communities. A very important part of how we do this is by making sure that our Board of Directors has 1/3 of its membership representing low-income people. Who can better tell the story or identify the barriers that a person experiencing poverty is living with? Giving a voice to those in need keeps the programming relevant to needs that are local and results in decisions come about and are implemented locally - not in St. Paul or Washington, D.C.

Type(s) of Youth Work

Wrap-Around Services

Age Group(s) Supported

All age groups