Wildflyer Coffee

Wildflyer_WhyDoWeMakeCoffee.png Because it tastes good? Well, yeah—it tastes really good. But at Wildflyer, we make coffee because it does good. Because it wakes us up and jolts open our eyes—even when we don’t like what we see. We make coffee because we can’t sleep. Not while thousands of youth spend the night in shelters, on trains, in cars and on the street. We make coffee because we’re tired. Tired of one-of-a-kind youth trapped in the same old cycles. Tired of seeing their wild hearts broken. Tired of looking away. We make coffee to serve. Not just the beverages people want, but the support youth experiencing homelessness need. We serve with care and compassion, dignity and respect. We help youth find their footing and support them if they stumble. We help them set goals and build a future. We help them see it’s what they deserve. We make coffee to empower. To build community and independence so youth can spread their wings. We make coffee so they can fly. Take a sip and let’s soar

Type(s) of Youth Work

Workforce Development

Age Group(s) Supported

13 - 15 years old, 16 - 18 years old, 19 - 24 years old