Vote! For this election, you will be voting for a governor, state senator, and a state representative. They all have a major impact on youth work, youth workers, and our young people. Learn where they stand. This is your MN Youth Intervention voter guide.

Our young people need legislators that support Youth Intervention! 

A major theme of this election is public safety and Youth Intervention falls under public safety at the Minnesota Capitol. The candidates voted into office will be passing laws and making funding decisions that will affect our young people and your programs for the next two years. As state lawmakers grapple over how to reimagine public safety, it’s imperative they understand now, before election day, that Youth Intervention is hands down the best public safety strategy available to them.
Where do your candidates stand on Youth Intervention?
If you’re not sure of your district or who your candidates are, click here to find out. We’ve sent a quick questionnaire to all 390 candidates for the 201 state legislative seats and asked them just one basic question, “Do you see the financial and social benefits of community-based Youth Intervention as a means to improve public safety and save taxpayer money?”
We’ll post their replies to our questionnaire on this web page as we receive them, right up until Election Day, Tuesday, November 8, 2022.

This election is so important and our young people need your help! If your candidates have not replied yet, call them or email them and ask them to complete the questionnaire. Tell them you believe strongly in Youth Intervention and our young people and that you’ll be casting your vote in favor of candidates that do too!

Youth Intervention Questionnaire responses for Minnesota legislative candidates are below.
Name District Party Support YI Comment Phone Website Email
Mark Johnson 1 R 2182803579 [email protected]
Steve Green 2 R 2182808042 [email protected]
Leonard Alan Roy 2 DFL 2188504605 [email protected]
Grant Hauschild 3 DFL 2185800845 [email protected]
Andrea Zupancich 3 R 2187490159 WWW.ZUPANCICHFORSENATE.COM [email protected]
Dan Bohmer 4 R Yes 6514289552 [email protected]
Rob Kupec 4 DFL Yes 2184433822 [email protected]
A. John Peters 5 DFL Yes A the chair of Hands of Hope Resource Center (a non profit working on domestic abuse in Todd and Wadena Counties) I support your mission fully. Please let me know how I can help either as a legislator, a business owner or a citizen. 6124194033 [email protected]
Paul J. Utke 5 R 2182551131 [email protected]
Justin Eichorn 6 R 2182595334 [email protected]
Steve Samuelson 6 DFL Yes 2188209508 [email protected]
Ben DeNucci 7 DFL 2183480592 WWW.DENUCCIFORSENATE.COM [email protected]
Robert Farnsworth 7 R 2182087564 [email protected]
Alex Moe 8 R 6129166882 [email protected]
Jen McEwen 8 DFL 2184612321 [email protected]
Cornel Walker 9 DFL 2187709069
Jordan Rasmusson 9 R 2182055062 [email protected]
Nathan Wesenberg 10 R Yes 3204929296 [email protected]
Suzanne M. Cekalla 10 DFL Yes Years ago I ran a regional Community Action Project where I saw firsthand what a difference the right job at the right time could make, especially for a young person with multiple risk factors. We helped prepare teens and young adults for good-paying jobs that gave them safe opportunities to change the lives of their whole families. Putting aside the moral righteousness of supporting young people in need, intervention in young lives saves massive amounts of money in policing and prisons and injects new revenue into our tax system in the form of otherwise unrealized worker productivity. Not all decisions are quite so clear cut, but providing community support for youth in need really is an investment in our collective future. 3202004420 [email protected]
Michelle Boyechko 11 DFL Yes 2185907807 [email protected]
Jason Rarick 11 R 6517755193 Rarick for Senate [email protected]
Torrey Westrom 12 R 3208089558 [email protected]
Kari Dorry 12 DFL Yes As an early childhood special education teacher, I couldn't agree more that early intervention is key! 3203054167 [email protected]
Ashley Klingbeil 12 WTP 3204919664 [email protected]
Alissa Brickman 13 DFL Yes When we show youth that we value them as individuals we give them the strength and confidence to grow through the things that they go through. I absolutely believe that taking care of our young people is the most important job that we have. we give them the strength and confidence to 5635424817 [email protected]
Jeff Howe 13 R 3203339208 [email protected]
Tama Theis 14 R Yes Our youth are key to how we make our communities better. 3202489474 [email protected]
Aric Putnam 14 DFL Yes 3202664032 [email protected]
Anita Gaul 15 DFL 5079291611 [email protected]
Gary Dahms 15 R 5076415269 [email protected]
Andrew Robert Lang 16 R 3207614239 [email protected]
Fernando Alvarado 16 DFL 3202129741 [email protected]
Chad Tschimperle 17 DFL 3202825511 [email protected]
Glenn Gruenhagen 17 R 3208946713 [email protected]
Mark Wright 18 R 4102157150 [email protected]
Nick Frentz 18 DFL 5073825234 [email protected]
Kate E. Falvey 19 DFL Yes 5072912685 [email protected]
John R. Jasinski 19 R 5073331152 [email protected]
Steve Drazkowski 20 R 6515640638 [email protected]
Bradley Robert Drenckhahn 20 DFL 5078846052 [email protected]
Bill Weber 21 R 5072204803 [email protected]
Rich Draheim 22 R 5073810808 [email protected]
Gene Dornink 23 R 5072068449 [email protected]
Brandon Lawhead 23 DFL 5072719179 [email protected]
Aleta Borrud 24 DFL Yes We have wonderful examples of this type of community-based intervention involving youth in Rochester which deserves financial support to expand their services. 5072619984 [email protected]
Carla Nelson 24 R 5072882159 Bad Email Address
Ken Navitsky 25 R 5072540729 [email protected]
Liz Boldon 25 DFL Yes 5073989571 [email protected]
Bill Rood 25 GLC 5072691290
Eric M. Leitzen 26 LMN Yes My campaign is based around a program to Tax The Rich and Get Your Money Back into our communities, and that includes youth outreach and intervention. 5072514023 [email protected]
Daniel Wilson 26 DFL 5073290507 [email protected]
Jeremy Miller 26 R 5074522067 [email protected]
Andrew Mathews 27 R 7634821393 [email protected]
Emy Minzel 27 DFL 7634397514 [email protected]
Mark Koran 28 R 6513247576 [email protected]
Victoria Ann Bird 28 DFL Yes Promoting positive activities. Our younger generation will give them choices other than violence options. Although we have to make sure society doesn’t go tip to the other side. I grew up in a community that started a parade to keep kids out of trouble. But it got so big it did the opposite. 7634642051 [email protected]
Bruce Anderson 29 R Yes 7636821480 [email protected]
Chris Brazelton 29 DFL Yes Children need access to safe and supervised activities after school and during the summer to keep them engaged, access to jobs to help them learn to earn and start to budget, and support when youthful mistakes could otherwise derail a young life. 6122094553 [email protected]
Diane Nguyen 30 DFL 9529237280 [email protected]
Eric Lucero 30 R 6129303988 [email protected]
Cal K. Bahr 31 R Yes The devil is in the details, and each program needs to be rated on its individual merit. 6123061483 [email protected]
Jason Ruffalo 31 DFL 6123143442 [email protected]
Kate Luthner 32 DFL Yes 6513414332 [email protected]
Michael Kreun 32 R 7632004183 [email protected]
Karin Housley 33 R 6512608905 HOUSLEYFORSENATE.COM Bad Email Address
Nancy McLean 33 DFL Yes 6513302234 [email protected]
Karen Attia 34 R Yes I completely agree in the statement you made in your email. At risk youth can become productive, responsible adults with early intervention. Private sector programs in communities are a very valuable resource to assist and have been shown to have positive outcomes. Thank you for the work you do to highlight the need and offer solutions. 7636392964 [email protected]
John Hoffman 34 DFL 7632006043 [email protected]
Kari Rehrauer 35 DFL Yes 7637675099 [email protected]
Jim Abeler 35 R 6122453764 [email protected]
Roger Chamberlain 36 R 6129407677 [email protected]
Heather Gustafson 36 DFL 7632324973 [email protected]
Warren Limmer 37 R Yes 7632697706 [email protected]
Farhio Khalif 37 DFL Yes The poet Wendell Berry said: "The smallest unit of health is the community. To think about the health of an isolated individual is a contradiction in terms." Life is about relationships and community. Some relationships are positive and some offer some challenges - all allow us to learn and grow. Lack of relationships is uniformly detrimental. Relationships are particularly important for youth because it sets them on a life-course that determines whether they thrive or not. Relationships give youth a sense of belonging and keeps them from being alienated from their community and broader society. Investing in building these relationships is the best thing society can do. 6127024913 [email protected]
Brad Kohler 38 R Yes 7633132485 [email protected]
Susan Pha 38 DFL 7636001043 [email protected]
Mary O'Connor 38 LMN 7634968423 [email protected]
Pam Wolf 39 R Yes 7634640659 [email protected]
Mary K Kunesh 39 DFL 6512474642 [email protected]
Rachel Japuntich 40 R 6517925028 [email protected]
John Marty 40 DFL Yes I am a strong supporter of Youth Intervention programs, and believe they are one of the best ways to reduce crime and make our communities healthier and safer. (and as the question suggests, YIPs save money!) 6516338934 [email protected]
Judy Seeberger 41 DFL 6517560401 [email protected]
Tom Dippel 41 R 6512465058 [email protected]
Bonnie Westlin 42 DFL Yes 6125008989 [email protected]
Paul Hillen 42 R 6127703462 Bad Email Address
Ann H. Rest 43 DFL Yes 6127505425 [email protected]
Andrew Thomas Schuler 43 LMN Yes 7636709253 [email protected]
Tou Xiong 44 DFL 6514440531 [email protected]
Paul Babin 44 R 6513290879 [email protected]
Kathleen Fowke 45 R 6125590974 [email protected]
Kelly Morrison 45 DFL Yes 6128407753 [email protected]
Ron Latz 46 DFL 9525459065 [email protected]
Nicole Mitchell 47 DFL Yes Absolutely! I believe investing in our children is not only the morally right thing to do, but it also brings great societal value. I've volunteered extensively with abused/neglected children and am currently a foster parent. When children have more support and options they are more likely to become adults who are contributing members of our society. Crime, teen pregnancy, and other issues decrease, so investing in children ultimately also saves taxpayer funds. 6124401773 [email protected]
Dwight Dorau 47 R 6514944009 [email protected]
Julia Coleman 48 R 6122329974 [email protected]
Dan Kessler 48 DFL 6125682772 [email protected]
Steve Cwodzinski 49 DFL Yes 9524704372 [email protected]
Marla Helseth 49 R 6122716995 [email protected]
Doug Fulton 50 R 6122094208 [email protected]
Alice Mann 50 DFL Yes 6124656868 [email protected]
Melissa Halvorson Wiklund 51 DFL Yes 9528840767 [email protected]
Frank Pafko 51 R 6128120721 [email protected]
Stephen Lowell 52 R 6513573367 [email protected]
Jim Carlson 52 DFL 6512615597 [email protected]
Matt Klein 53 DFL 6519645558 [email protected]
Chris Rausch 53 R 3106008775 [email protected]
Eric Pratt 54 R 9524402945 [email protected]
Alicia Donahue 54 DFL 7638436097 [email protected]
Lindsey Port 55 DFL 6059290004 [email protected]
Pam Myhra 55 R 9522288249 [email protected]
Jim Bean 56 R 6513025088 [email protected]
Erin Maye Quade 56 DFL Yes 5072549373 [email protected] [email protected]
Justin Emmerich 56 DFL 7632187225 [email protected]
Jackie Craig 57 DFL Yes 6125628817 [email protected]
Zach Duckworth 57 R 6125673455 [email protected]
Bill Lieske 58 R 9525944555 [email protected]
Clarice Grabau 58 DFL 5072220132 [email protected]
Bobby Joe Champion 59 DFL 6125188870 [email protected]
Kari Dziedzic 60 DFL Yes The rate of return proves it is a good use of taxpayer dollars. 6126237758 [email protected]
Scott Dibble 61 DFL Yes 6122937360 [email protected]
Omar Fateh 62 DFL 6124068816 [email protected]
Andrew Schmitz 62 R 9525649089 [email protected]
Shawn Holster 63 R Yes 6129631936 [email protected]
Zaynab Mohamed 63 DFL 6122295585 [email protected]
Erin Murphy 64 DFL 6512357104 [email protected]
Robert Bushard 64 R 6512147395 [email protected]
Paul Holmgren 65 R 6514012156 [email protected]
Sandy Pappas 65 DFL Yes 6512478698 [email protected]
Jeremy J. Peichel 66 LIB Yes This is established fact. 6123289938 [email protected]
Clare Oumou Verbeten 66 DFL Yes I am running to advance racial justice and build a community that is safe for all. I believe safety is fully funded public schools and ample opportunity for our youth. I believe safety is good paying jobs – especially for those that work with youth such as teachers, social workers, and community builders. I believe safety is healthcare for all – which will cut costs for school districts and individual families so more money can be spent on supporting students. I will be advocating for empowerment of our youth no matter what committee I sit on or what issue we’re talking about, because I know that investing in our youth is an investment for our future. 6512336225 [email protected]
Mikki M Murray 66 R Yes 6513002130 [email protected]
Foung Hawj 67 DFL 6515923129 [email protected]
James Sceville 1A DFL 2186860828 [email protected]
John Burkel 1A R 2186890395 [email protected]
Debra (Deb) Kiel 1B R 2182801452 [email protected]
Cynthia (Cindy) Ansbacher 1B DFL Yes As a mom, I feel strongly about community based initiatives at every level to include churches, community centers, after school programs, initiatives to introduce the trades, partnerships for volunteer opportunities in senior centers and day cares, and other platforms that engage youth and create inter generational support & mentoring for youth. 2182750901 [email protected]
Reed Olson 2A DFL Yes 2187660383 [email protected]
Matthew J. Grossell 2A R Yes The more we can help our youth now, even in times of crisis, the better off they will be in the future. 2182097661 [email protected]
Matt Bliss 2B R 2187665267 [email protected]
Erika Bailey-Johnson 2B DFL 2187668487 [email protected]
Rob Ecklund 3A DFL Yes 2183416133 [email protected]
Roger J. Skraba 3A R 2182351609 [email protected]
Natalie Zeleznikar 3B R 2184094822 [email protected]
Mary Murphy 3B DFL 2187296399 [email protected]
Heather Keeler 4A DFL Yes Working in the schools I saw the benefits if programming like this with our youth. 2184225615 [email protected]
Lynn Halmrast 4A R Yes I am very supportive of prevention and early intervention efforts with our youth. We need to work together to accomplish public safety and healthier productive youth. It is essential for a better Minnesota. 7012199918 [email protected]
Jim Joy 4B R 7015662442 [email protected]
John Hest 4B DFL Yes 2182342609 [email protected]
Brian M. Hobson 5A DFL Yes As a 20 year veteran teacher, I know the value of early learning and intervention. 2182528085 [email protected]
Krista Knudsen 5A R 6122908097 [email protected]
Mike Wiener 5B R Yes 3203606477 [email protected]
Gregg Hendrickson 5B IA Yes 3206306352 [email protected]
Ben Davis 6A R 2188392989 [email protected]
Richard (Rick) Blake 6A DFL 2183982260 [email protected]
Sally Boos 6B DFL Yes 2183301842 [email protected]
Josh Heintzeman 6B R 2188205674 [email protected]
Spencer Igo 7A R 2182441295 [email protected]
Julie Sandstede 7A DFL 2189697009 [email protected]
David Lislegard 7B DFL 2183437965 [email protected]
Matt Norri 7B R 2187808533 [email protected]
Art Johnston 8A R 7153606629 [email protected]
Liz Olson 8A DFL Yes 2183434281 [email protected]
Becky Hall 8B R 2185255532 [email protected]
Alicia Kozlowski 8B DFL 2183932572 WWW.ALICIAFORDULUTH.COM [email protected]
Jeff Backer 9A R 7013611909 [email protected]
Nancy Jost 9A DFL Yes I believe the earlier we start the most successful we will be - youth intervention should start in early childhood. Prevention is key! 2182056421 [email protected]
Tom Murphy 9B R 2186401707 [email protected]
Jason Satter 9B DFL 7016406213 [email protected]
Ron Kresha 10A R 3207616133 [email protected]
Isaac Schultz 10B R 3205474022 [email protected]
Hunter Froelich 10B DFL 3202323144 DFLHOUSE.COM [email protected]
Pete Radosevich 11A DFL 2188790008 [email protected]
Jeff Dotseth 11A R 2184851168 [email protected]
Nathan Nelson 11B R 3203330823 [email protected]
Eric Olson 11B DFL 3202791859 [email protected]
Paul H. Anderson 12A R 3202392726 [email protected]
Edie Barrett 12A DFL Yes 3203053529 [email protected]
Jeremy Vinar 12B DFL Yes 6512602542 [email protected]
Mary Franson 12B R 3203044001 [email protected]
Lisa Demuth 13A R 3206858930 [email protected]
Andrea Robinson 13A DFL Yes 7632001392 [email protected]
Melissa Bromenschenkel 13B DFL 3202929327 [email protected]
Tim O'Driscoll 13B R 3202514306 [email protected]
Bernie Perryman 14A R 3202925960 [email protected]
Tami Calhoun 14A DFL 3207460718 [email protected]
Aaron Henning 14B R 3202479870 [email protected]
Dan Wolgamott 14B DFL 3208282632 [email protected]
Keith VanOverbeke 15A DFL 5075316025 [email protected]
Chris Swedzinski 15A R 5078297754 [email protected]
Paul Torkelson 15B R 5073805424 [email protected]
Tom Kuster 15B DFL 5073812921 TOM4REP.NET [email protected]
Robert M Wright 16A DFL 3205101062 [email protected]
Dean Urdahl 16A R Yes 6124817459 [email protected]
Dave Baker 16B R Yes I have worked very hard on issues for youth, mental health and substance use disorders. 3208945774 [email protected] [email protected]
Fred Cogelow 16B DFL Yes Apologies for delay. Late entry has me behind. Absolutely agree as to importance of youth intervention. Would like to see expanded programs starting with outreach before high risk moms deliver, followed by special early childhood education and incentives for parents to ready their kids for school. 3202125369 [email protected]
Jennifer Carpentier 17A DFL Yes 7632452170 [email protected]
Dawn Gillman 17A R 6122294390 [email protected]
Bobbie V. Harder 17B R 5074793250 [email protected]
Susan Akland 18A R 5073405891 Bad Email Address
Jeff Brand 18A DFL 5073800510 [email protected]
Dar Vosburg 18B R Yes 5073409281 [email protected]
Luke Frederick 18B DFL 5073820308 [email protected]
Brian Daniels 19A R Yes 5073302758 [email protected]
Carolyn Treadway 19A DFL Yes I worked to provide OST programs for Faribault youth for much of my career. I will strongly support funding for youth intervention if elected! 5073399554 [email protected]
Abdulahi Ali Osman 19B DFL 7347736287 [email protected]
John Petersburg 19B R Yes 5074614377 [email protected]
Pam Altendorf 20A R 6513802296 [email protected]
Laurel Stinson 20A DFL Yes 6513803685 [email protected]
Roger Kittelson 20A MIP 6519234729
Elise Diesslin 20B DFL 5079939062 [email protected]
Steven E. Jacob 20B R 5075342554 [email protected]
Joe Schomacker 21A R 5079350308 [email protected]
Patrick T. Baustian 21A DFL 5079207406 [email protected]
Michael Heidelberger 21B DFL Yes 5073603806 [email protected]
Marj Fogelman 21B R 5073701112 [email protected]
Bjorn Olson 22A R 5075253579 [email protected]
Marisa Ulmen 22A DFL Yes 5077204420 [email protected]
Marcia Stapleton 22B DFL 5079951281 MARCIAFORMINNESOTA22B [email protected]
Brian H. Pfarr 22B R 6124377785 [email protected]
Peggy Bennett 23A R 5073730679 [email protected]
Mary Hinnenkamp 23A DFL Yes After graduating from college, I joined VISTA, Volunteers in Service to America. One of our projects in rural Kentucky was working with a youth group to empower them to find jobs, make good choices, and perform community services. Over the next six years, I worked as a counselor at group home programs for youth in the Bronx, suburban Chicago and in the Washington DC area. Young people admitted to these programs were sometimes homeless, estranged in some way from their families, and at risk of not finishing high school. The programs were community based and helped youth to return home, find another relative to live with, or become independent. I then moved to Albert Lea, Mn where I taught and then became the director of the Albert Lea Area Learning Center, a school for students who were being unsuccessful in the main stream school setting. My students were teen moms, students who worked long hours, students with mental health or drug struggles. Nearly all lived in poverty. My job was to help them make and carry out a plan to graduate from high school and move on to new challenges. After 20 years a the ALC, I ended my teaching career at Fountain Centers Treatment Program, teaching adolescents who were admitted with problems of chemical addiction. I was part of the team and provided the educational services so that my students would receive credit when they returned to their home districts. Upon retirement, I began volunteering at Halverson Elementary School as a reading buddy for kindergarteners and first graders, and volunteered at SW Middle School helping with English Language Learners (EL) students until COVID stopped all volunteering opportunities. I am very supportive of youth intervention programs and fully funding then so our youth get the resources they need to reach their full potential. It has been my life's work. 5073208676 [email protected]
Thomas A Stiehm 23B DFL 5074404180 [email protected]
Patricia Mueller 23B R Yes 5074401923 [email protected]
Duane Quam 24A R 5077756043 [email protected]
Keith McLain 24A DFL 5079905880 [email protected]
Tina Liebling 24B DFL Yes 5072894664 [email protected]
Katrina Pulham 24B R 5076967850 [email protected]
Wendy Phillips 25A R 6613138242 [email protected]
Kim Hicks 25A DFL Yes 5072618683 [email protected]
John Joseph Robinson 25B R 5072505676 [email protected]
Andrew Smith 25B DFL Yes 5076017993 [email protected]
Stephen James Doerr 26A R Yes I believe in the "An Once of prevention is worth a pound of cure." - - Ben Franklin 6088640292 [email protected]
Gene Pelowski Jr. 26A DFL 5074585988 [email protected]
Gregory M. Davids 26B R 5079513893 [email protected]
Shane Mekeland 27A R 6123634942 [email protected]
Ronald Thiessen 27A DFL 3202936365 [email protected]
Kurt Daudt 27B R 7636342616 [email protected]
Brad Brown 27B DFL 7632600381 [email protected]
Brian Johnson 28A R 6122024731 [email protected]
Erik Johnson 28A DFL 6512382965 [email protected]
Katie Malchow 28B DFL 6512532625 [email protected]
Anne Neu Brindley 28B R 7637429961 [email protected]
Joe McDonald 29A R 6129100310 www.joemcdonaldforestatehouse [email protected]
Sherri Leyda 29A DFL Yes I think investing in our youth is crucial to our values as a country. They are our future. 7632748225 [email protected]
Marion O'Neill 29B R 7636705315 [email protected]
Walter Hudson 30A R 6127205710 [email protected]
Sonja Buckmeier 30A DFL 6128402973 [email protected]
Chad Hobot 30B DFL 7632444058 [email protected]
Paul Novotny 30B R Yes I am active supporter of our local youth program. 7632385731 [email protected]
Harry Niska 31A R 6127997458 [email protected]
Betsy O'Berry 31A DFL Yes 6128676441 [email protected]
Bill Fisher 31B DFL Yes 9522010860 [email protected]
Peggy Scott 31B R 7632387322 [email protected]
Nolan West 32A R 7632202388 [email protected]
Ashton Ramsammy 32A DFL Yes 6128686645 [email protected]
Matt Norris 32B DFL Yes I led an effort that reduced violent crime by 40% in one north metro community. We did it by expanding policing and changing up the way we did policing to build stronger connections between police and the community. But an equally important part of the success was community-based youth intervention. A similar comprehensive approach statewide will improve public safety and save taxpayer money. 7632029012 [email protected]
Donald W Raleigh 32B R 6517751687 [email protected]
Patti Anderson 33A R Yes 6514292888 [email protected]
Hanna Valento 33A DFL 6512452557 [email protected]
Mark Bishofsky 33B R 7155570678 [email protected]
Josiah Hill 33B DFL Yes Our young people are our most valuable resource and are worthy of strategic investment to ensure their development. 6517175430 [email protected]
Brian Raines 34A DFL 7632910439 [email protected]
Danny Nadeau 34A R 6126004539 DANNYNADEAU.COM [email protected]
Scott Simmons 34B R Yes 7632457117 [email protected]
Melissa Hortman 34B DFL Yes 6123864808 [email protected]
John Heinrich 35A R 7632675055 [email protected]
Zack Stephenson 35A DFL 7633709000 [email protected]
Jerry Newton 35B DFL Yes 7637552161 [email protected]
Polly Matteson 35B R 7632452622 [email protected]
Elliott Engen 36A R 6512028702 [email protected]
Susie Strom 36A DFL 6122674527 [email protected]
Heidi Gunderson 36B R 6513085828 [email protected]
Brion Curran 36B DFL Yes As a former police officer I know that community engagement from a young age is crucial for development and healthy relationships. 6513437023 [email protected]
Kristin Robbins 37A R 6128199217 [email protected]
Caitlin Cahill 37A DFL Yes 9522007254 [email protected]
Kristin Bahner 37B DFL Yes 7632604110 [email protected]
John Bristol 37B R 7638986193 [email protected]
Michael "Mike" Nelson 38A DFL 7635612795 [email protected]
Samantha Vang 38B DFL 7635601485 [email protected]
Robert Marvin 38B R 7635355498 [email protected]
Rod Sylvester 39A R 6128597372 [email protected]
Erin Koegel 39A DFL 7632285689 [email protected]
Sandra Feist 39B DFL Yes 6514928389 [email protected]
Mike Sharp 39B R Yes 7634643387 [email protected]
Ben Schwanke 40A R Yes 6512430794 [email protected]
Kelly Moller 40A DFL Yes 6514868096 [email protected]
Jamie Becker-Finn 40B DFL Yes 6513007946 [email protected]
Allen Shen 40B R Yes 6513986352 [email protected]
Mark Wiens 41A R 6512833953 [email protected]
Pat Driscoll 41A DFL 6519256481 [email protected]
Shane Hudella 41B R 6512536737 [email protected]
Tina Folch 41B DFL Yes 6513040652 [email protected]
Ned Carroll 42A DFL Yes 6129199717 [email protected]
Kathy Burkett 42A R 6125546308 [email protected]
Ginny Klevorn 42B DFL Yes Lead Author of 2021-22 Fundng Legislation 7632085030 [email protected]
Jackie Schroeder 42B R Yes We need to mentor our youth and give them the examples of how important responsibility is, how there is a consequence to every choice we make, and they can strive for excellence no matter their circumstances. 7634983746 [email protected]
Cedrick R. Frazier 43A DFL Yes 6122960573 [email protected]
Mike Freiberg 43B DFL 7639994818 [email protected]
Peter M Fischer 44A DFL Yes Thank you for the work you do. I worked 14 years at Avenues for Youth and currently work at Face to Face Health and Counseling in St Paul. Daily I have seen the first hand difference investments youth makes. 6513071625 [email protected]
Alex Pinkney 44A R 6129903737 [email protected]
Leon M. Lillie 44B DFL 6517709260 [email protected]
William Johnston 44B R 6516893339 [email protected]
TJ Hawthorne 44B LIB Yes The more voluntary organizations available to help our communities, the better. The more government tries to make communities better, the worse communities get. I’m all for voluntary community involvement initiatives. 6128041038 [email protected]
Lauren Bresnahan 45A DFL 7634534005 [email protected]
Andrew Myers 45A R Yes 7639134559 [email protected]
Lorie Cousineau 45B R 6122513244 [email protected]
Patty Acomb 45B DFL 9528078635 [email protected]
Larry Kraft 46A DFL Yes 9527157535 [email protected]
Cheryl Youakim 46B DFL Yes Absolutely see the link and have been discussing the need for community-based Youth Intervention when folks bring up public safety at the doors. 9522402278 [email protected]
Amanda Hemmingsen-Jaeger 47A DFL Yes Ensuring our kids have access to resources, activities, services, and healthy relationships will set them on a path of success. Being proactive and intervening early goes beyond helping children and their families; it increases public safety, decreases tax costs, and creates a healthier community. 6127707414 [email protected]
Bob Lawrence 47A R Yes There is no doubt that the more youth are engaged in activities outside of school and a screen, the less chance they have of going down a criminal path. Sports, scouts, music, theater, and countless other activities that youth participate in and expose them to positive adult role models are invaluable. 6512481825 [email protected]
Kelly Fenton 47B R Yes 6512833011 [email protected]
Ethan Cha 47B DFL 6513218388 [email protected]
Nathan Kells 48A DFL 9522100070 [email protected]
Jim Nash 48A R 9528076416 [email protected]
Greg Boe 48B R 9523614251 [email protected]
Lucille "Lucy" Rehm 48B DFL Yes 6122754351 [email protected]
Ryan Chase 49A R 6127037696 [email protected]
Laurie Pryor 49A DFL Yes 9524123660 [email protected]
Carlie Kotyza-Witthuhn 49B DFL 9524910178 [email protected]
Thomas Knecht 49B R 9523884608 [email protected]
Sami Cisman 50A R 6128075662 [email protected]
Heather Edelson 50A DFL Yes 6517858696 [email protected]
Beth Beebe 50B R Yes 9524445300 [email protected]
Steve Elkins 50B DFL 9528352118 [email protected]
Michael Howard 51A DFL 6122077369 [email protected]
Ryan Wiskerchen 51A R Yes I would greatly appreciate the chance to talk with your organization more about how Youth Intervention can help make our community safer! 6123882161 [email protected]
Chad Anderson 51B R 6122695260 [email protected]
Nathan Coulter 51B DFL 9522390531 [email protected]
Fern A. Smith 52A R Yes 6129877499 [email protected]
Liz Reyer 52A DFL Yes 6513984765 [email protected]
Ruth Richardson 52B DFL 6514727411 [email protected]
Cynthia Lonnquist 52B R 6513870974 [email protected]
Todd Kruse 53A R 6124235621 [email protected]
Mary Frances Clardy 53A DFL Yes As a teacher I am committed to providing our youth with holistic support so that they have the opportunity to thrive. 6124085449 [email protected]
Brent Jacobson 53A LMN 9523342521
Laura E Pride 53B LMN 6513073486
Steven Swoboda 53B R 6124055360 [email protected]
Rick Hansen 53B DFL Yes 6514511189 [email protected]
Erik Mortensen 54A R 9522288866 [email protected]
Ryan Martin 54A LMN 6055933502 RyanMartinforMinnesotaHouse [email protected]
Brad Tabke 54A DFL 9522253124 [email protected]
Brendan Van Alstyne 54B DFL 6127877311 [email protected]
Ben Bakeberg 54B R 6124333696 [email protected]
Gabriela Kroetch 55A R 9523888830 [email protected]
Jess Hanson 55A DFL 6512719344 [email protected]
Van Holston 55B R Yes 6129630644 [email protected]
Kaela Berg 55B DFL Yes 6122959617 [email protected]
Robert Bierman 56A DFL Yes 9524328412 [email protected]
Joe Landru 56A R 9529943257 [email protected]
Joe Scanlon 56B R 6514236258 [email protected]
John Huot 56B DFL 6512784487 [email protected]
Jon Koznick 57A R 6123617015
Greg Henningsen 57A DFL 6126199322 [email protected]
Jeff Witte 57B R 6128452378 [email protected]
Erin Preese 57B DFL Yes 9522124244 [email protected]
Kristi Pursell 58A DFL Yes Looking forward to learning more once elected! 5072008177 [email protected]
Gary Bruggenthies 58A R 6129782447 [email protected]
Steve Dungy 58B DFL 6514920287 [email protected]
Patrick Garofalo 58B R 6513384166 [email protected]
Fue Lee 59A DFL 6125680870 [email protected]
Esther Agbaje 59B DFL 6123149828 www.estheragbaje.coom [email protected]
Diana Halsey 60A R Yes 6122724920 [email protected]
Sydney Jordan 60A DFL 6122963495 Bad Email Address
Mohamud Noor 60B DFL 6122509660 [email protected]
Frank Hornstein 61A DFL 6129653406 [email protected]
Jamie Long 61B DFL 6125688097 [email protected]
Aisha Gomez 62A DFL 6122989681 [email protected]
Hodan Hassan 62B DFL 6124589005 [email protected]
Taylor Hammond 62B R 6514701465
Kyle Bragg 63A R 6125588684 [email protected]
Samantha Sencer-Mura 63A DFL Yes 6122391398 [email protected]
Emma Greenman 63B DFL Yes 6123840638 [email protected]
Dan Walsh 64A R 6127992242 [email protected]
Kaohly Vang Her 64A DFL 6512245696 [email protected]
Dave Pinto 64B DFL Yes 6512521706 [email protected]
Lorraine Englund 64B R 6512000910
John Schonebaum 65A R 6512316053 [email protected]
Samakab Hussein 65A DFL 6517570974 [email protected]
Miki Frost 65A LMN Yes 6514177511 [email protected]
María Isa Pérez-Hedges 65B DFL 6123800360 [email protected]
Kevin Fjelsted 65B R 6512702678
Trace Johnson 66A R 5073277332 [email protected]
Leigh Finke 66A DFL Yes As a trans woman and advocate for queer youth, I care deeply about this issue, and look forward to working together. 6513213219 [email protected]
Athena Hollins 66B DFL 6513527605 [email protected]
Jay Hill 66B R 6129874455 [email protected] [email protected]
Beverly Peterson 67A R 6514430574 [email protected]
Liz Lee 67A DFL 6515600484 [email protected]
Jay Xiong 67B DFL 6513213820 [email protected]
Fred Turk 67B R 6517394067 [email protected]