Ain Dah Yung Center

Mission Statement: To provide a healing place for American Indian youth and families to thrive in safety and wholeness. The Ain Dah Yung Center – which means “our home” in the Ojibwe language – is an emergency shelter for runaway and homeless American Indian youth In the 1980s, the first American Indian school in St. Paul recognized that many of its students were homeless or in homes that were affecting their ability to attend school and succeed. Children and youth were often focused on survival and meeting basic needs. The majority of homeless children and youth were and continue to be American Indian. The Ain Dah Yung Center was born in 1983. Today, ADYC is a national model for providing a broad spectrum of culturally relevant social services to American Indian youth and their families. ADYC provides a continuum of care and services recognizing that, in American Indian culture, you can’t grow as a person until you have honor, dignity, and respect for both yourself and everything around you.

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