Elevate Youth Solutions

Helping students elevate their life skills so they can grow confident emotionally and thrive socially. Offering Youth CORE LIFE SKILLS Elevate has effective solutions for your organization that will empower and change the lives of the youth you serve. Our coaching strategy is built on 20 core life skills. they are grouped into 5 primary categories. Students can have. a great life plan and a solid community of support and guidance, but weak or missing personal competencies will leave them stranded at the base of mountains they want and need to climb. Today’s youth (12-24) deal with more issues than ever. Elevate Youth Solutions can give you the power and resources to help. The Origin of Elevate Youth Solutions Elevate Youth Solutions was created and operates under the guidance of the Board of Directors for Children First Foster Family Agency. Children First has been securing the lives of at-risk children for over 20 years in three northern California counties.

Type(s) of Youth Work


Age Group(s) Supported

10 - 12 years old, 13 - 15 years old, 16 - 18 years old, 19 - 24 years old